JsMaps - Interactive Javascript Maps

JsMaps is a Javascript library with a full featured Interactive Slippy Map, with no external dependencies, only needs a tile server url. JsMaps also provides a single, common interface for a wide variety of Javascript map APIs, allowing a developer to easliy switch from one maps API to another.


Several installation options are available:

  • Download the latest release.
  • Clone the repo: git clone https://github.com/markkr125/jsmaps.git.
  • Install with Bower: bower install jsmaps.
  • Install with npm: npm install jsmaps.
  • Install with NuGet: Install-Package jsmaps.
  • Install with Meteor: meteor add mark125:jsmaps.

Recent Posts

Version 0.0.15 released

Version change log:

Oct 6, 2016

Version 0.0.14 released

Version bump due to meteor package generation, release notes bellow.

Feb 17, 2016

Version 0.0.11 released

Version change log:

Feb 5, 2016